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Volume 3, Issue 4                                    University of Houston

Gibson and Hunt can't save the mediocrity in What Women Want

What Women Want

Starring: Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt
Paramount Pictures
Rated: PG-13

1 out of 5 stars

By Rattaya Nimibutr
Breaking News Staff

The new chick flick What Women Want has all the ingredients of a decent romantic comedy, especially with such a strong leading cast featuring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. But the premise and cast can't save this horrible film.

While it seems like the perfect Friday night movie, it never gets off the ground.

Gibson, last seen as a hero in The Patriot, portrays a different type of character than is usual for this action film star. Like Nicolas Cage in The Family Man, Gibson steps into the leading cutesy-man territory. While his performance is charming, it's not enough to make the movie worthwhile.

Gibson plays Nick Marshall, a bachelor working for an advertising firm on the verge of a promotion. Nick becomes cynical when the promotion is given to newcomer Darcy Maguire (Hunt).

Melinda Sue Gordon/Paramount Pictures

Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson star in the disappointing romantic comedy What Women Want.

Although he doesn't get the promotion, Nick is given the surprising ability to hear women's thoughts. The film becomes a circus as Nick is portrayed as a man who doesn't know what to do with the gift. While Nick's actions are a bit humorous, they don't make for a solid romantic comedy.

Hunt, who can also be seen in Cast Away, is fun to watch, but her portrayal of Darcy isn't special. It is not a significant role for Hunt -- which makes the film even less impressive.

The great cast and charming storyline don't hold a firm grip on what could have been an enjoyable comedy. Director and producer Nancy Meyers plays around with the cast and funny situations, but not enough to be satisfying.

This is a comedy that relies on its star power. While we all may enjoy Gibson trying to understand the nature of women by trying on pantyhose or wearing lipstick, it all becomes rather annoying. Stay away from this one -- far away. 

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