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Volume 3, Issue 2                                    University of Houston

Past and present come alive in Poe's 'Haunted'


Atlantic Records

3 out of 5 stars

By Michele Garza
Contributing Writer

The sophomore album Haunted, which was composed, performed, produced and engineered by Poe, is truly an original album. Although, this is a somewhat morbid product, it is definitely liberating for those captive spirits.

Young, yet sensible, Poe is reaching into the depths of her soul and pulling from the pain she feels from the not-so-recent death of her father.

Emerging in the music scene in the heart of "women power" in music, Poe's first album offered tracks such as "Trigger Happy Jack." She returns on Haunted with a much more personal approach.

In all the tracks, she has entangled her father's old lectures into her music, letting both past and present collide.

The effect this has on the album is extremely overwhelming. You can hear the pain felt in Poe's deep, drowning voice.

Singer-songwriter Poe finds her inner emotions on her sophomore album, Haunted.

Cleo Sullivan/
Atlantic Records

"Control" is perhaps a personal favorite, beginning with her quiet words: "Don't you mess with a little girl's dream/ because she's liable to grow up mean."

She says this because while growing up, her father always told her and her brother, who is a writer, they would never make it as artists.

In her album, it is explained that he said this because he had tried and failed at music and literature time and time again, while dragging his family all over the world.

"Control" alludes to the fact that even though her father feels he has the control of her, in reality she controls the situation.

Poe continues, "Well, you may be king for the moment/ but I am queen understand/ and I've got your pawns and your bishops and castles/ all in the palm of my hand."

Perfectly worded, this speaks on many types of situations.

By the end of the song he has reversed the situation and she now has the control. "Not every saint is a fool."

"Control" is a heartfelt journey through the words of Poe. Throughout the album, Poe's personality comes through.

Another song on Haunted speaks to anybody who uses words as a form of communication. "5 1/2 Minute Hallway" talks about people's inability to communicate with each other.

Poe ends the album with her telling her father it is OK to go. This was a recording of her as a child, which now has double meanings.

Haunted is an emotional collage of Poe's artistic ability in music. Her written work and beautiful voice come together on an album that sends a message to confront one's fears.

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