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Volume 4, Issue 2                                    University of Houston

Bin Laden tapes reveal terrorist plot

Matthew Caster

Everyone should have had an opportunity to view the motion picture event of the decade: the Osama bin Laden video. In it, we see the absolutely detestable bin Laden recounting his effort and joy bringing death and destruction to the heart of America with an equally disgusting Saudi citizen Khaled al-Harbi.

Together they laugh heartily at the panic our nation felt when jet airliners began to slam into our most beautiful buildings. They praise Allah that the entire World Trade Center towers collapsed, instead of just a few stories, as they had anticipated. They chuckle at the fact that some of the hijackers aboard those airplanes did not even know they were on a suicide mission. 

This, my friends, is the very heart of darkness; the depth of depravity and complete lack of humanity demonstrated in that tape was enough to anger most Americans to the point of absolute rage. One nice, sweet sounding old woman called into a FoxNews call-in show the morning after the tape had been released and shared her thoughts: "Just recently, I saw the Olympic torch wind through Little Rock, Ark., and I thought, 'You know what'd be great? To see Osama bin Laden's head on a stick, being paraded around the country.'" Wow. Somebody out there has a really cool grandmother.

What worries me more than anything else is the fact there are some people out there who don't agree with that sentiment. Recent FoxNews opinion poll results indicate that 15 percent of Americans are not certain bin Laden is behind the attacks. These people literally think, even after all the evidence and all the propaganda being released by al-Qaida, that we're after the wrong guy. Prominent community members like Phil Donahue and Robert Redford have actually gone on national television and criticized President Bush by claiming that more evidence is needed before we accuse anyone of masterminding these attacks.

How much more evidence can anyone want? Sure, it is every person's God-given right to hate the United States if they want. But with as much as we provide to the world, it's a wonder anyone in their right mind can. Bin Laden is a man we've known for years is willing to use death and destruction to undermine the international prestige of our nation.

In 1993, men with ties to his organizations first tried to bring down the WTC. In 1998 they blew up our embassies in Africa, killing hundreds. In 1999 a couple of bin Laden's terrorists slammed a raft loaded with explosives into the U.S.S. Cole and killed 17 sailors. Al-Qaida has routinely put out propaganda threatening the United States with more death and destruction.

And now there's this video -- indisputable evidence bin Laden was in on the Sept. 11 attacks. And people still doubt it? Fifteen percent of our nation really ought to be ashamed of itself, because there really is no excuse for such a pathetic level of ignorance. How many people have to die before people realize what a madman bin Laden is or before mainstream Islam finally stands up as one voice and denounces this terrorist fruitcake once and for all?

I'm with the old lady from Little Rock. I want to see that monster's head paraded around the country. And, noble soldiers of the United States Armed Forces should feel free to leave the rest of his carcass for the scavengers. Many thanks. God bless America.

Matthew E. Caster, a senior chemical engineering 
major, can be reached at

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