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Volume 5, Issue 1                                    University of Houston

Breaking Benjamin knocks down local rock competition

By Shiley Carter
Breaking News 

With a debut album hitting the stores, and radio play many bands could only dream of, Breaking Benjamin is breaking into the scene with a chugging ferocity characteristic of its energy-filled music.

Breaking Benjamin's album, Saturate, is being promoted by the band during its tour with 3 Doors Down. The Engine Room had the pleasure of headlining these guys on stage Dec. 4.

Though Houston really needs to work on its support for the music scene, Breaking Benjamin didn't seem to be affected by the lack of people at the show. The band managed to jam with the crowd that did make it out in the middle of the week and prove its worth to the world of rock music.

Vocalist Ben Burnley sang exceptionally well throughout the set, but this band's instrumentation definitely takes home the prize. Simple guitar riffs, hard-core drumming and a steady, low bass line get the groove going, making Breaking Benjamin easily enjoyed by most rock music lovers.

"Polyamorous," played with the majority of the songs off the band's newly released album, got the most attention from the crowd, as Burnley had the audience lend hands and vocal cords during the chorus.

Songs like "Skin," "Medicate" and The Wizard of Oz-inspired "Home" show a great diversity for Breaking Benjamin on stage and on the album. The band definitely knows how to have fun with the music. Burnley relates the band's ability to win over listeners to the fact that its music is aimed at trying to relay positive messages and strays from whiny, negative songs.

As it flowed through the songs, the band could have tried putting a new edge in some of the music to change things up a little. It is definitely great to be able to play with the perfection heard on a mixed and mastered recording, but to throw in a little creativity and still jam is all the more impressive.

But Breaking Benjamin is still new to the industry, and practice makes perfect when it comes to things like performances. For now, the band's strength lies in their sharp musicianship.

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