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Volume 6, Issue 3                                    University of Houston

Staff extends survey deadline to get more participation

By Geronimo Rodriguez 
Breaking News

Although 40 percent of UH staff responded to a Staff Council general-needs survey a week and a half after it was issued, the council has extended the deadline for returning the survey to Friday with hopes of reaching 50 percent participation. 

"We're very pleased with the amount of responses received, considering that staff had such a short time to turn in the survey," Staff Council President Angie Shortt said. "But the more staff that responds, the more effective the survey's data will be."

The Staff Needs Assessment Survey, which was released Dec. 11 via intercampus mail, is an anonymous and voluntary questionnaire. It was created by the Staff Council and UH's Learning and Assessment Services, part of the Student Affairs division.

Shortt said the survey, which asks questions ranging from work environment issues to UH's evaluation process, is the most extensive in recent years.

"It's not just issues we're looking at, it's more about how these issues affect your job," Shortt said, adding that focus groups consisting of staff members helped compile the questions.

Initially, staff had until Dec. 19 to return the surveys.

"From what we've been told, you get a better response with a quicker deadline," Shortt said. "It also helps that it's completely confidential. We want staff to really open up and let us know how they feel.

"It's an important step for Staff Council. We want to get more staff involved and be an advocate for issues important to staff," she said.

Before officially releasing its findings to President Jay Gogue and his cabinet during the Spring Forum, Staff Council will have an executive summary to decide how to evaluate the data, Shortt said.

"The survey is going to give us a lot of data about what staff thinks about certain issues, but evaluating the data is an important process," Shortt said.

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