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Volume 6, Issue 3                                    University of Houston

Pats, Packers will get it done

Paper Champ

Geronimo Rodriguez

The New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers are coming to Houston.

Philadelphia has recently acquired the paper champ virus and forgot that it had to play to win the game. Indianapolis, St. Louis and Kansas City are as weak as Matt Hasselbeck's guarantees. Carolina and Tennessee are gritty enough to put up a fight, but they don't have a Bill Belichick.

Need more reason to quit gabbing about anyone getting to this year's Super Bowl besides the Patriots and Packers? How about everyone is afraid to face the Pats' defense and gridiron legend Brett Favre has a lot to play for?

How about the Rams' Mike Martz isn't so smart? How about Peyton Manning and the Colts might need to play their next opponent twice before getting it right? How about Carolina lost to the Texans? 

Green Bay has it tough, going up against Donovan McNabb and the Eagles at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. And yes, the Eagles did beat the Packers 17-14 earlier in the season at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. But this is a different Packers team a team riding an overtime win into Sunday's contest.

As for the other NFC game, Carolina and St. Louis might offer an entertaining match, but that's about it.

New England will stop Tennessee's Eddie George and contain Steve McNair, and the Pats' offense will knock the Titans' defense down to size.

Who cares about the Kansas City / Indianapolis game? The combined final score might hit 90, but whatever offense survives will get smothered by Belichick's superior game plan.

The truth is that it's just too hard to turn your back on a team that's had a season like the Patriots. And who doesn't want to see the Packers' No. 4 walk into Reliant Stadium? 

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