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Volume 6, Issue 1                                    University of Houston
Students shouldn't cheat
Christian Schmidt
Opinion columnist
First: Don't do it. All the reasons you've ever been told not to cheat really are true. It deprives you of the very education you're in school to receive. It isn't much, if any, more difficult to do the work yourself. 
Don't cheat. 

Second: Don't do it. You will get caught. Maybe not the first time, but it will happen. College professors are smarter than you think. Your literature professor can tell whether or not you wrote the paper. Really, professors can tell the difference between something you wrote and something composed by a professional writer.

Don't cheat. 

And don't think you can cheat on tests, either. It's not a good idea. If you have the same answers as the genius you carefully sat next to, it's going to be obvious. 

Don't cheat. 

If you're determined to cheat no matter what -- maybe you're just too dumb to do anything else -- use the following techniques. 

Don't cheat. 

Steal ideas, not sentences. If you take a sentence directly from someone elseÕs work, it is very easy to do an Internet search and determine what you plagiarized. It's very easy, thanks to the good people at So if you're determined to plagiarize someone, at least rewrite their sentences into sentences of your own that say the same thing. 

Don't cheat. 

Of course, from rewriting sentences it isn't such a big step up to writing sentences of your own. And rather than plagiarize someone's ideas, you can give them credit and paraphrase what they said. If you want to go one step further, you could add ideas of your own that expand upon what someone else said. Then it isn't cheating anymore -- it's good research and writing. 

Don't cheat. 

College professors don't expect breathtaking work from undergraduates (though they certainly hope to get it). If you present a well thought-out, well-written paper that isn't full of mistakes and poorly written sentences, you'll get a good grade. Professors aren't here to fail you. 

Don't cheat. 

Really, don't. It's not worth it. You will get caught and the penalty will be severe. 

Don't cheat.

Schmidt, a senior English major, 
can be reached at

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