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Volume 6, Issue 1                                    University of Houston
'Seven' disappoints loyal Iglesias fans, draws larger audience
By Maricela Barrientos
Breaking News
Don't expect the rhythm of Enrique Iglesias' latest work to be quite as divine as his first English-language album, Enrique. As co-producer and writer of his follow-up, Seven, it's obvious Iglesias was eager to convert his Latin sound into a lame rock 'n' roll-flavored pop sound. 
With songs like 'Break Me, Shake Me,' 'Be Yourself' and 'Live It Up Tonight,'it seems Iglesias has attempted to follow the route taken by many artists who find success in one genre and make the jump to another. Being one of the few survivors of the Latin music explosion of 2000, could it be that Iglesias sought to escape his native sound in order to stay alive in the top 40 world? 

Enrique Iglesias has lost more than his mole, dropping the Latin-pop style that made him an innovative artist for a lame soft rock sound on his latest release, Seven.
Photo courtesy of Interscope Records
Who can blame him when alternative rock, hip-hop and r&b are the current dominators of radio? The sound of 'Bailamos,' one of Iglesias' earlier works, wouldn't fit into what appeals to today's listeners. But don't be so quick to consider this a potential sophomore slump -- although Seven is Iglesias' second English-language album, it's his seventh album up to date, hence the album name. 'Addicted,' the first single released, is a love ballad in the top 40 with 'Say It' following suit. 
Ultimately, inconsistency of sound seems to be the album's theme, though Iglesias is consistent with his ability to combine love ballads with emotional lyrics and sultry vocals. 
Change and experimentation is good --it can allow artists to grow and challenge their abilities. But it seems Iglesias' decision to change his music style from Spanish pop to soft rock initiated from his desire to reach a larger audience at the expense of possibly losing an audience that liked him just the way he was.

Enrique Iglesias


Interscope Records
The verdict: Enrique's stray from his familiar Spanish pop has led to nothing but a disappointing album.

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