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Volume 6, Issue 2                                    University of Houston

Hawaii, here we come

It must be hard to be away from home Christmas Day, but no one can feel bad for the Cougar football team.

Yeah, Art Briles turned our Cougars into a winning team, putting them in the limelight for a change. The hard-nosed Briles may not care to think of the coming Hawaii Bowl game like this, but win or lose, this is good for UH.

Even if the Cougars lose, it'll bring recognition to a university often lacking in that department. Believe it or not, UH isn't the first program that comes to mind when people think about football in Texas. But as far as bowl games are concerned, the Cougars, whose game against the Hawaii Warriors will be televised on ESPN, will have the college football world in their hands. It's the only college game on TV on Thursday, so what's to keep avid college football fans from watching? Furthermore, what's to keep UH students, if not the entire Houston community, from tuning in?

Granted, Briles' team might be better next season, but this is a bowl game. Most students whine about UH's lack of prestige in some circles. Even if it's just a football game, students should show some interest in the University's feats.

Some might ask if the trip is even worth the players losing a Christmas at home. Athletics Director Dave Maggard said the program won't make money off the game, but being away during the holiday might be enough reason for the Cougars to whip up on the Warriors. If not, the recognition is still a good thing.

Briles won't let his team think like this, and, like all games we've seen this season, his guys will be ready to attack for a win.

Besides, there's nothing wrong with watching true freshman Kevin Kolb, who was the 2003 Conference USA Freshman of the Year, throw for a couple of hundred yards. So, after unwrapping all those Christmas presents from your loved ones, watch and hope the Cougars give the Warriors a good Christmas fight.

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