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Volume 7, Issue 2                                    University of Houston

Lot 1A closing for garage construction

Closure will eliminate 550 spaces, but other lots 
will be expanded to compensate

Breaking News Staff

A long-awaited campus parking garage moves a step closer to being a reality this week with the closure of part of Parking Lot 1A, which will be the site of the 1,500-space structure.

Construction on the garage will begin during the winter break and will continue through December 2005, Associate Vice President for Plant Operations Dave Irvin said last week.

The garage is expected to open in Spring 2006, Irvin said.

With the closure of Parking Lot 1A, 550 spaces will be cleared for the construction of a 1,500-space garage, scheduled to open in 2006.

Pin Lim/Breaking News

Though the project has been discussed for months -- originally as a proposal for a garage at Scott Street and Holman Avenue, the site was moved to Calhoun Road and Entrance 1 to be more central to the campus -- it needed approval from the UH System Board of Regents, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the state Bond Review Board before construction could begin.

The regents approved the project over the summer, the Coordinating Board gave it an OK in late October and the Bond Review Board, which will allow financing of the $25.7 million structure, approved the proposal this month.

About 1,000 of the spaces in the garage will be set aside for students and the others will be reserved for faculty, staff and visitors. The ground floor of the building will house a campus visitors center, a UH Police Department substation and a 24,000-square-foot academic service center.

The garage will displace about 550 parking spaces in Lot 1A. Spaces will be added around campus to compensate for the loss.

Student permits for garage parking will cost about $200 a year. Faculty and staff will pay about $350 a year for garage permits.

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