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Volume 7, Issue 2                                    University of Houston

UH offers its own holiday greetings

Breaking News Staff

It's three days till Christmas and you haven't sent your holiday cards. But there's still a chance for redemption.

Don't look to the U.S. Postal Service for help on this one, though. Instead, turn to your alma mater.

UH is offering a selection of student-designed electronic greeting cards this year through the University Web site. The cards feature the short list of designs UH President Jay Gogue and his wife, Susie, considered for the University's official holiday card this year.

The 10 designs run the gamut from campus wildlife -- a squirrel exchanging gifts with a student with the Architecture Building as a backdrop -- to a sophisticated series of four differently colored Christmas trees. Of course, plenty of the designs feature Cougar mascot Shasta.

The e-cards are free and may be sent to anyone with an e-mail address. To browse the designs and send a card, visit

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