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Volume 7, Issue 2                                    University of Houston

Curb the hate for the holidays

Zach Lee
Opinion columnist

My lease is up Jan. 15, and I recently quit my steady job as a waiter. Mix that in with the fact that I'm saving up to go to school out of the country for a year, and this holiday season should be full of question marks and desperate attempts at stabilizing my turbulent life. But it's not. 

I'm down for whatever, and that's the attitude we all need to take as the stresses of last-minute holiday preparations are upon us. The lines at The Galleria won't get any shorter, and the traffic on Houston's freeways definitely won't be any less aggravating until long after the mistletoe has been put away for next year. All we can do now is make more hollow promises to get our shopping done earlier next year and hope the gifts we did manage to get our hands on make up for a year of no correspondence with the grandparents. 

This is the season for just being cool with whatever mistakes you make. After all, when the inn is full, the manger is just a few barnyard animals away. The imperfections make the season that much more enjoyable. Grandma's fresh-baked cookies wouldn't be as good without your older brother's lack of ambition and homemade macaroni/construction paper gifts. The holidays are full of worries, but your brother will get a job eventually, so just pull yourself together and eat one of those giant Hershey's Kisses. That's a lot of chocolate.

There's something intangible about this season that worms its way into the hearts of even the hardest atheists. Bad news bears like Rent and Unemployment are big downers, but Santa Claus can find a way around such worldly nonsense. The spirit of giving and holiday cheer is too powerful to be dragged down by a little thing called reality. If spiking the eggnog is what it takes to fly with Santa over the rooftops of the world's worries, I'm all for it.

As students, we get a little vacation this time of year, but even the people that work all the way through Christmas Day understand that it's a season of relaxing and smiling at life's faults. So don't be mad at the traffic on Westheimer Road at Loop 610. Instead, realize that it's just another beautiful part of the bigger holiday picture.

Lee, a columnist for Breaking News, 
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