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Volume 8, Issue 2                                    University of Houston

Take this time to look for book deals

If you have any money left over from waiting tables this break, it might be a good idea to hold off on buying that new car stereo or Xbox 360. Tuesday was the day when the University Bookstore opened its doors for the spring semester, and that can only mean one thing: It's time to start buying all those overpriced bundles of paper you need for class.

The time between now and the first day of school on Jan. 17 is vital to any UH student on a tight budget -- it's enough time to shop around for used books or the best price on new ones. 

In a city like Houston, there's a Half Price Books around every corner -- if Rother's doesn't satisfy your need for used books. Don't be afraid to get a book with a little highlighting or notes in the margins; those extra notes can be helpful. Remember, someone used them once to study for a test.

Sticklers for crisp pages and clean text should look no further than the Internet for the solutions to their problems. Many students use or to find the new books they know they need for a fraction of the price. The best deals to be had, however, are on the used books listed through these online sellers. Sacrificing the ability to thumb through the pages can be rewarded by enormous savings. It's not uncommon to save half of the list price for a new book when buying the same book used and online.

The key is to take advantage of this opportunity. Thirteen days is a lot of time to look for deals, and college students -- especially at a commuter university -- need to find all the deals they can.

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