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Reorganization helps UH scientists meet new goals

Campus Crime Report

2006 brings much to hope for in metal

'Rumble Box' more than just a great escape

'Zero' is far from perfection

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Holiday more than just time off

Staff Editorial: Garage should stop nay-sayers in their tracks

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New Years Resolution/Lady Cougars begin 2006 with two-game win steak

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Volume 8, Issue 3                                    University of Houston

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Bet they run out of little yellow envelopes: The new parking garage at Entrance 1 and Calhoun Road will open Tuesday. The garage includes about 1,200 student and 300 visitor, faculty and staff parking spots as well as 15 emergency boxes, an on-site police office and retail shops. Parking and Transportation Services is offering permits at a discounted rate for students who have already purchased an annual permit. 

Reorganization helps UH scientists 
meet new goals
The Texas Center for Superconductivity at UH, responsible for research and development of high temperature superconductors, announced new leadership roles for University professors.

Campus Crime Report

Arts & Entertainment stories
2006 brings much to hope for in metal
Many of us made resolutions about what we hoped would happen in 2006. Instead of hoping for losing weight or the possibility of twins, let's concentrate on the world of heavy music.

'Rumble Box' more than just a great escape
Take one part 3D beat'em-up game and one part Tetris and you've got Rumble Box, an addictive high-score-chasing game. And it's free.

'Zero' is far from perfection
Ah, GoldenEye. Just about anyone who has ever played a Nintendo 64 will recall this game as one of the must-own titles of its era, with four-player, split-screen death matches that would last for hours and the great cooperative mode. 

Breaking News Comics

Opinion Columns
Holiday more than just time off
The inception of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1986 certainly stood as a bold recognition of the civil rights movement, but how much do Americans consider the actual substance of the holiday over the benefits it affords them?

Staff Editorial: Garage should stop nay-sayers 
in their tracks 
Every semester, someone whines about the lack of on-campus parking, and that pattern will very likely continue into the spring semester.

Sports Stories
Mirror images
Junior forward Jahmar "Dunk Master Flex" Thorpe was at the right place at the right time last Saturday, as his put-back with three seconds left in regulation sent their game against the A&M Corpus Christi Islanders into overtime.

New Years Resolution/Lady Cougars begin 2006 with two-game win streak
The UH women's basketball team started off the new year with a different look from 2005, opening 2006 with back-to-back wins over Central Florida, 64-50, Friday and Southern Miss., 92-58, Sunday to begin Conference USA play.

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