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Volume 8, Issue 3                                    University of Houston

Garage should stop nay-sayers in their tracks

Every semester, someone whines about the lack of on-campus parking, and that pattern will very likely continue into the spring semester. There is, however, one major difference between this semester and every other. This semester there is a parking garage on campus a parking garage with about 1,200 new student spaces.

That takes care of a lot of cars. 

The number of students who have decided to pay for garage parking is not yet in, but if those who have complained in the past are any indication, parking garage passes should be sold out by the end of January. And students should have nothing to complain about (parking-wise, anyway) by the time they settle into classes.

The garage kills two birds with one stone by adding restaurants and retail space along with the extra parking. For years, students have complained that UH was doing little to fight its image as a commuter school; now, students have more places to eat and hang out in the heart of campus. UH will likely be a commuter school for many years to come, but that doesn't mean it has to feel like one. The garage is a huge step in the right direction.

There will undoubtedly be problems with the garage (the cost increase for a parking pass is more of an inconvenience), but at this point, it seems like the benefits far outweigh the costs. After a semester perforated by hurricanes and the administrative chaos they left in their respective wakes, the University has done something undeniably right in completing the parking garage in time for the new semester to begin.

Ultimately, we think it should go to a Senate vote -- not ignored out of fear of administrative control. At best, the SGA should find a way to keep as much power in the hands of students. 

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