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Volume 8, Issue 1                                    University of Houston
Parking Enforcement more than just meter maids 

Officials remind community they also provide motorist assistance on campus

Breaking News Staff

UH Parking Enforcement officials want the campus community to know their responsibilities go beyond writing tickets. They also assist students, faculty and staff in whatever way they can. 

Paul Lozano, manager of the UH Parking Enforcement, said the department offers free services such as jumpstarts, flat tires, unlocking cars and solving other vehicle problems. 

“Some people on campus don't know all they have to do if they run into these problems is flag us down and we'll be there to help,” Lozano said. “This isn't anything new, but we're just trying to let people know more about it.” 

Lozano said the department does not get many calls around the holiday breaks, but it receives several calls during the semester. 

Parking Enforcement is managed by the campus' Department of Public Safety and is funded by Parking and Transportation Services. 

“We're under the same umbrella as the police department, but it's our job to handle tickets and help assist people with any car problems,” Lozano said. 

Parking Enforcement Officers are on duty from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday. Members of the campus community can call (713) 743-5849 if they need assistance from the department.


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