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Volume 8, Issue 1                                    University of Houston
Staff Survey deadline extended to Thursday

By Matt Dulin
Breaking News

UH staff members have until Thursday to complete and turn in the Staff Needs Assessment Survey, which will be used to inform the Staff Council and the administration. 

“We want to get as many responses as possible,” Patrick Daniel, director of Learning and Assessment Services, said. 
LAS is conducting the survey for the Staff Council, adding that the survey is used to gauge the climate of the entire staff. 

The survey is used every other year to gather information about the work environment, communication and staff evaluations, and when completed, it is used to compile a report that goes to the Staff Council and the president's cabinet. 

“This is an opportunity to let the community know what the staff is thinking. At a Staff Council meeting, you might get one or two people with an opinion or a complaint, but with the survey you can hear from a large number of people,” he said. 

The survey, which Daniel said should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete, is anonymous and was sent out to benefits-eligible staff members only. If they have lost their copy or never received one, staff members are encouraged to contact Daniel at (713) 743-5434 or

Completed surveys can be turned in to the Measurement and Evaluation Center in Room 206, Student Service Center 1 or through interoffice mail at MEC-3025. 

An online version of the survey is not available, but one part of this year's survey asks respondents whether they would prefer to use one.

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