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Volume 8, Issue 1                                    University of Houston
Enjoy your time off this winter

Classes and finals are done for the semester, and almost every final grade has been posted. Whether you have graduated or are just biding your time until Jan. 17, this is a time to relax and be anything other than a student. 
But that doesn't mean you're not a Cougar. 

Taking the trip up to Amon G. Carter Stadium to watch the Cougars take on the Kansas Jayhawks the Fort Worth Bowl on Dec. 23 is a great way to remember that. The game will also be televised live on ESPN, so it's also a great time to say hello to your mother on national TV. 

Keeping up with the men's basketball team and its quest for a permanent spot in the Associated Press Top 25 is another way to keep your yuletide scarlet red and albino white -- even Santa Claus wears UH colors. 

There's nothing wrong with taking a break from UH sports too, though. The winter break is about doing what you want to do for a while, whether it's getting ready for grad school exams, hanging out with friends and family, catching up on sleep or partying like it's almost 2006. Just remember to exercise a little control. Many students -- some of them underage -- will be drinking this break, and drinking and driving is never a good idea. 

The most important thing this break is that you enjoy yourself. It's been an especially long semester -- Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita only added two days to the academic calendar, but they added a lot more in stress and confusion. Those who are coming back can start over next semester. 

The Daily Cougar will be here to see you through the break, keeping you informed and entertained. We will have all of our usual sections posted online this break, but we won't have the crossword puzzles until classes resume. You'll get over it. 

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