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Volume 9, Issue 3                                    University of Houston

UH adopts new wireless network

Breaking News Staff

    UHWireless is now the exclusive wireless network for the University following the retirement of the wireless network Tsunami Jan. 2.

    According to a release from the UH Information Technology Department, the UHWireless network “provides UH with greater security and enhanced services.”

    The network has been running for the past six months and is accessible through a CougarNet or guest account. To login to a guest account, the username and password are both UHGuest and are case sensitive. The guest accounts lack access to some network resources available to those with CougarNet accounts.

    To access the wireless network, select UHWireless as the network name and open a Web browser, which will automatically route to a CougarNet login page.

    Computers and laptops require wireless cards -- either internal or external -- of a certain standard to access the network.   

  On purchasing wireless cards, IT’s Web site says, “The most important item to consider is that the wireless card you choose is in compliance with the 802.11b networking standard. Compatible products can be confusing as other standards exist, including 802.11a and 802.11g.”

    UH only supports the 802.11b standard wireless cards, currently available for both Macs and PCs in Cougar Byte in the University Center.

    A list of buildings with full and partial wireless coverage, as well as other information and instructions regarding UHWireless, is available at

    The UH IT Department can be contacted at (713) 743-1411.
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