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Volume 9, Issue 1                                    University of Houston

Faculty Senate elects new president

Breaking News

    The Faculty Senate elected Department of Decision and Information Sciences professor Wynne Chin as its new president at a meeting Dec. 6 in the M.D. Anderson Library Rockwell Pavilion.

    Chin has been a member of the UH faculty since 1997.
    The Senate elected Dan Wells, a biology and biochemistry professor, secretary of the body.

    In other business, President Steven Craig, an economics professor, addressed the Senate and expressed his support of faculty participation in UH’s push to achieve “Tier I” status as an elite Texas university.

    Craig said other state universities – Texas Tech, for instance – are pushing for the same status, making UH’s mission slightly more urgent.
“We need to be in a hurry,” he said.

    Craig said a committee will be formed to advise the administration as it looks to create new facilities on campus, such as new residence halls and classroom buildings, to help attract students and faculty and elevate the University’s status.

    Craig said such a committee could consist of “three old hands” – experienced faculty members who will offer a degree of stability, as President Jay Gogue is in favor of – or a more frequently rotating committee of faculty members. He asked faculty members for input on the decision or suggestions for a third advising option.

    Provost Donald Foss addressed the Senate, saying he supports the idea of a group of faculty members assisting the administration in steering UH to greater prestige.

    “Getting additional eyes to look at the ideas is almost always a good idea,” he said.
    Foss also addressed the Senate on issues of enrollment and the textbook royalties policy.

    The provost reported that spring enrollment is slightly down – undergraduate enrollment is down about 2.5 percent – from this time last year.

Foss said he is working on a revised policy to regulate faculty-authored textbooks assigned in UH classes and plans to have a revised draft for the Senate in the spring semester.

    For more information on the Faculty Senate, including information on other faculty members elected to positions in the body, visit

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