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Arms yourselves, it's time to stop a killin'

Haul out the rifles and sharpen your knives; it's time to prevent another senseless killing. Convicted murderer Gary Graham received yet another stay of execution Sunday. It is certainly nice to know that should one be found guilty of murder, the death sentence is but a mere scare tactic, enforced to make the prisoner squirm for years on end.

Go ahead and kill your neighbor. Chances are, Spike Lee and Danny Glover will be right behind you to make certain you donít pay for your actions. Perhaps a Nation of Islam leader will call for riots, crime sprees and more deaths should your guilty blood be shed. You would, after all, be a martyr, sentenced to death by a system which seems to believe criminals are to be held accountable. Nay!

Your rights far exceed those of the victim's family. Justice? Bah! Where is your justice? Did the police not fail to accurately take an eyewitness' statement? He never actually saw the crime in question? Poppycock! Another eyewitness consistently identified you as the assailant? Hogwash!

Surely there must be some credible witness to testify on your behalf. Yours is a cause to rally behind. Run, Gary. Dupe us all. Yea! Let us all be a part of this miscarriage of justice. Perhaps we can shed innocent blood for yours.

Who can we kill? Letís all aim our rifles at prison guards. They're only doing their jobs, right? Let's shoot the victim's family members. It was their loved one who found his way into the path of your speeding bullet. How is anybodyís guess.

While the above is intended to be facetious, this subject cannot be taken lightly. Graham, found guilty of killing Bobby Lambert in 1981, has had countless (one could say too many) opportunities to prove he deserves a second trial. Judges have yet to find any of the supposed witnesses credible.

Graham had his day in court and was found guilty. Though putting a man to death may seem like a brutal act in itself, it is nonetheless Texas' way of punishing murderers. It is time for Graham to accept his fate.

Itís over, Gary. Let Lambert's family find their justice.

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