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America's going down the Tollett because of bums and hypocritical Republicans

Paul Tollett

Man, is it good to be writing again! While some of you will not agree with my column, I hope you can follow it. I tend to jump around quite a bit.

Let me begin by saying that everything I write is my opinion and if you donít like it, you can send me an e-mail.

An interesting thing happened to me the other day. My buddy and I went to Stop N Go to buy some beer and smokes. When we got out of the car, we saw a guy slam a pay phone receiver down in disgust. We paid little attention to him as we walked in to purchase some processed barley and dried tobacco. When we walked out, the agitated stranger, who appeared to work in the Medical Center (judging by his scrubs and name-tag), approached us with a dilemma.

He told us that he was parked across the street at some apartments and needed some gas money. I have to admit that I was skeptical from the beginning. I did, however, tell the stranger that I would be glad to give the clerk at the store some money so that I would know he was only getting gas. He agreed, so I went inside and gave the clerk my money.

When I walked out, this dirty lowlife said to forget about it. Thatís when I knew I was being jerked around.

So I asked him if God had miraculously solved his problem or if he was just another freaking con man.

You know what the worst part was? This idiotís actions forced me never to give money to anyone on the streets again.

I donít work my ass off for every dollar I earn so that some waste of humanity can take it. If youíve got two legs and a well enough developed imagination to come up with a scam, then you should be able to find work.

This is America, baby. This countryís about working hard so you can have a good life. I donít believe that the framers of the constitution believed in having lazy, manipulative bums rid people of their hard-earned money.

The fact that the guy was a dirty bum didn't matter. It was the fact that he toyed with my emotions just to get my money. Pretty darn sad.

Moving on ... I was raised Republican, but I don't understand how the GOP, which is supposed to believe in less government, can be so hypocritical. I assume that since Congress is run by Republicans, they are directly responsible for the fact that a pack of cigarettes will soon cost me five bucks. Iím two seconds away from starting my own political party.

I better wrap it up. I have some time left before I graduate so you will hear more from me. Remember that people try to take advantage of you every day, so be sure youíre prepared. Take care of yourself because this corrupt world can take control of you at any time.

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