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The Cougar’s week in review

Cougar News and Notes

D. Ryan Monceaux

Mo Jr lands on his feet...

Moses Malone Jr, who decided to transfer from UH after a playing time dispute with Houston head coach Clyde Drexler, has made the decision to go to Texas Tech. Malone said he thinks Texas Tech’s basketball tradition is one he can be proud of and says he can’t wait until he can begin playing with the Red Raiders, but that will have to wait until January 2000.

I sincerely hope that the basketball tradition at Tech lives up to Malone’s standards. After all, we all know that Houston’s basketball tradition can’t hold Texas Tech’s jock. I mean, Drexler, Olajuwon, Elvin Hayes are nobodies when you think of all of the greats to come out of Tech. Such as...well...Jason Sasser. Yeah, that’s something to be proud of. I guess Mo wants to be the next Sheryl Swoops. Who knows. This bizarre story, which The Daily Cougar broke in late November, is hopefully dying off, and we can forget about all of the unfortunate incidents that have taken place. Good luck Mo.

Falú may have some problems

A new headache for Clyde Drexler and Co. could be the possible tampering of transcripts that the Houston Chronicle says Houston recruit Antonio Falú has engaged in. The Chronicle, in connection with Louisville assistant Jerry Eaves, printed Falú’s high school transcript in all of Sunday’s editions. In dispute is whether or not Falú is competing in his fourth or fifth year of high school. If in his fifth year, Falú would be ineligible under Texas UIL rules.

Falú denies any wrongdoing, saying that he believes he still has eligibility left. He says the allegations could stem from the fact that he is a Puerto Rican or that he is black.

Drexler says he "doesn’t want (Falú) if he doesn’t have high character" and "doesn’t want any headaches."

This story will continue to unfold as the UIL Executive Committee investigates.

Andersen leaves Blinn’s team

Hoping to bolster his grades, UH signee Chris Andersen has quit the Blinn Junior College basketball team so that he may work on his grades in the hopes of academically qualifying for next year’s Cougar team. Andersen says he is looking forward to playing for Drexler and wants to make sure he is eligible next fall.

On to the action

Last week, the men’s team went 1-1 as they beat Southern Miss at home 64-57 before being blown out by UAB, 116-78.

Gee Gervin scored a career high 32 points in the loss to UAB, a game Clyde Drexler called "the first game that hasn’t been fun yet." The men return to action Wednesday as they face Saint Louis in Hofheinz at 7:30 p.m.

And the ladies

Joe Curl’s team lost two heartbreaking games while on the road last weekend. The Lady Cougars lost to Lousiville 85-69 after being tied at the half at 40. The Lady Cardinals shot a blistering 61 percent in the second half as they ran away from Houston.

In Sunday’s game, ShaRonda Lasseter missed four free throws in the final 16 seconds of regulation. The Lady Cougars were outscored 16-10 in the overtime to lose to the Lady Bearcats 93-87.

Angela Curl scored 20 against Louisville and 24 against the Lady Bearcats, each of which established new career highs.

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