Volume 1, Issue 3
Wednesday, January 6, 1999



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In News Today . . .

University of Houston Assistant Professor of Architecture Keith Sylvester and several UH architecture and technology students have delved into the secrets of the deep using the latest in computer animation technology.

In Opinion Today . . . 

New Year's, Schmoo Year's. This year, it was another alcohol-ridden drunk fest -- especially if you were stuck in New Orleans with a plague of Aggies intoxicated by football fever and Bud Light.

In Shobiz Today . . .

The biblical story of Moses from the book of Exodus is one that has impelled the imagination of storytellers from novelists to filmmakers.

Courtesy of DreamWorks Pictures

(Left to right) Tzipporah (Michelle Pfeiffer), Moses (Val Kilmer), Miriam (Sandra Bullock) and Aaron (Jeff Goldblum) lead the Hebrews out of Egypt in the new DreamWorks picture, The Price of Egypt.


In Sports Today . . .

In the Nov. 25 edition of The Daily Cougar, we reported that Moses Malone Jr. (guard) had talked of a possible transfer after UHs loss to Sam Houston State. Now, five weeks later, that transfer has come to light.

Ti Truong/The Daily Cougar

After family members denied an earlier story about a possible transger, Moses Malone Jr. announced his decision to leave UH over the weekend.


In Comics Today . . .

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