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Busta Rhymes preaches doom and gloom on latest CD

Busta Rhymes

Extinction Level Event - The Final Front
Flipmode/Elektra Records
**** 1/2 (out of 5)

By Jake McKim
Co-Entertainment Editor

Hip-hop artists have often been accused of producing lyrically meaningless, socially insignificant CDs with no general theme or message, relying on jeep-bumpin’ beats and self-absorbed lyrics.

One rap artist who continually bucks this trend and possesses a consistent theme on each of his albums is the wild, zany and rambunctious Busta Rhymes.

The ecletic, off-the-wall sounds of Busta Rhymes shine through in his latest CD E.L.E., in which he predicts the end of the world as we know it.

Dean Karr/Electra Records

Extinction Level Event — The Final World Front, the latest creation from the talented and lovable Rhymes, sends a message loud and clear of the supposed upcoming end of the world, which by Busta’s prophecy will be New Year’s Day, 2000.

On fear-rousing tracks like "There’s Only One Year Left — The Intro", "Extinction Level Event (The Song of Salvation)" and "This Means War," Rhymes spits hectic, rapid-fire tales of destruction and mayhem at the end of 1999, calling for people to actively pursue their dreams instead of waiting for them to come on their own.

Rhymes’ first two albums were both platinum successes and turned the world of hip-hop inside out. He hopes that fans will respond positively to his newest work as well, a 19-song disc that never once stops bringing the energy.

"Our audience comes from everywhere," said Rhymes. "Young, old, rich, poor."

"They know that hip hop gave a voice to (people) who never had one. And now that we got their attention, I want to communicate the message so that it creates the greatest impact. Anything that I’ve ever approached, I’ve had one goal in mind, to dominate, and that was the definite mindset going into E.L.E.," said the goal-oriented Rhymes.

Sure-hits off of E.L.E. are "Tear Da Roof Off," the already popular "Gimme Some More" and "What’s It Gonna Be?!" featuring Janet Jackson, who provides her smooth, laid-back vocals for this sexy tune.

Other tracks that will make you feel good about spending $15 are fierce, ear-pounding joints like "Iz They Wildin Wit Us & Gettin Rowdy Wit Us?" featuring No Limit recording artist Mystikal, the party anthem "Do the Bus A Bus" and the hip-wigglin’ "Take It Off."

While weaker songs like "Where We Are About to Take It" and "Do It to Death" could have been left off the album, they are easily forgotten and don’t last long enough to hurt the overall quality of the CD.

The most surprising collaboration on the album is the hard-rocking call-to-arms "This Means War," featuring rock god Ozzy Osbourne. Once the initial shock of hearing the unusual duo fades, head-banging sets in and the track congeals into a pretty decent jam.

Whether Rhymes will release another album before the new year is yet to be determined, but if his prophecy turns out to be true and he doesn’t create another album before Y2K, Bus A Bus should be proud of his last and greatest album. 

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