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Wednesday, December 16, 1999

AnthrO'Quinn Donates $6M to Renovate Robertsonax

Legislative Agenda Calls for Increased Funding for UH System

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Perry the Great

In News Today . . .

A $6 million gift from the John and Julie O’Quinn Foundation to the University of Houston will fund plans to renovate Robertson Stadium beginning in January.

In Opinion Today . . . 

I have a good number of acquaintances who are conservative. They either vote straight-ticket Republican or vote Republican with a dash of Libertarian here and there. Sometimes they’ll throw in a conservative Democrat or two for good measure. While some of them are really nice people whom I admire, there are others I keep at a distance.

In Shobiz Today . . .

Is country music entering the pop scene with more force than ever now? Can fans use the word "mainstream" with their favorite country artists?

Timothy White/Mercury Records

Shania Twain is one of many country music artists who entertain fams of both country and pop music.


In Sports Today . . .

I think Clyde Drexler knew there was no hard copy edition of the Daily Cougar this week. That’s why he decided to get thrown out of the game against North Carolina State. He knew there wouldn’t be as many readers, so he could get away with it. OK, maybe not.

Courtesy UH Sports Information

UH forward William Stringfellow appears with his old hairdo (before sporting the corn row look).


In Comics Today . . .

Cougar Comics go online!

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