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Mr. President: Resign now and save face

In light of the recent events surrounding the presidentís possible impeachment, itís time to reiterate an earlier stance by the editorial board of The Daily Cougar. What seemed like an improbability may now become a reality. With four articles of impeachment, including the important abuse of power having been passed by the Judiciary Committee, it appears that at the very least, the matter will go before the Senate.

At the time of this writing, the House was still approximately 10 votes shy of passing a resolution to impeach the president. After that, the Senate would have to pass the measure with a two-thirds majority, which is extremely unlikely.

This does not mean the president is in the clear. The impeachment cloud has been hanging over President Clinton for nearly a year. If the president, as he has a propensity to do, manages to avert disaster and survives this, he should resign his office.

The process has sped his status as a lame-duck president. He is devoid of any real power or influence. At worst, he is corrupt. At best, he is unscrupulous. This scandal has harmed the nation long enough, and if the president still possessed morals he would step down now.

While Vice President Gore is not completely clean, he does not have a history of scandal. In the best interests of this country, the presidency and his party, Bill Clinton should resign.

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