Volume 1, Issue 2
Wednesday, January 23, 1999

Core curriculum is completed in time for Fall 1999

Student Opinion on Impeachment and the Bombing of Iraq

GSSW Searches for a New Dean

Tice on Honesty

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Perry the Great


In News Today . . .

University of Houston Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Edward Sheridan announced Wednesday the completion of the new 42- hour core curriculum for Fall 1999.

In Opinion Today . . . 

A few weeks ago, I did a very bad thing.

It was the last day of class, and English had just ended. Most of the people in my class are pretty good friends, so I suggested that we all go out to a movie together. It turned out that everyone had somewhere to go except for this one girl. So we hopped in her car and went to see Psycho. We went to a party after the movie, and later, she took me home. We sat out on my porch for quite a while, just talking. Well, okay, I was flirting with her. Hardcore.

In Shobiz Today . . .

Shakespeare in Love is an impressive film about the writing process behind Romeo and Juliet. Included in the stellar cast are Joseph Finnes as William Shakespeare and Gwyneth Paltrow as Viola De Lesseps, Shakespeare’s love interest. 

George Kraychuk/Miramax Films

In Sports Today . . .

Late last week, the world lost one of its greatest inhabitants, former Cougar golf coach Dave Williams. Williams was widely considered the "Father of College Golf" revolutionizing the game from the past, where match play ruled, to the present, in which stroke play competition allows a greater number of teams to compete in the same tournament.

Patrick Sullivan BernardThe Daily Cougar

In Memorium: UH golf legend Dave Williams. 1918-1998/Courtesy of UH Sports Information.


In Comics Today . . .

Cougar Comics go online!

City sidewalks, busy sidwalks . . .

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

Just in time for the 5-week winter break, the Physical Plant finishes construction on the sidewalks between the Communication Building and Lot 16.

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