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Williams exemplified the true Cougar spirit 

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D. Ryan Monceaux

Late last week, the world lost one of its greatest inhabitants, former Cougar golf coach Dave Williams. Williams was widely considered the "Father of College Golf" revolutionizing the game from the past, where match play ruled, to the present, in which stroke play competition allows a greater number of teams to compete in the same tournament.

In Memorium: UH golf legend Dave Williams. 1918-1998/Courtesy of UH Sports Information


Williams came to UH shortly after World War II not for golf, but to teach. Engineering, to be exact. Just a few years later, Williams would take over a golf program that had never won a match and turn it into the single most dominant squad in the history of collegiate athletics.

Under Williamsí direction, UH won an unprecedented 16 national titles, more than the great coaches of any other sport. Like no other, he controlled

college golf, taking his teams to the national championship tournament for over thirty straight years.

Dave Williamsí contribution to college golf was like no other, as he coached ten individual national champions to go along with his 16 team championships in only 36 years. During his reign, he won over 340 matches, a feat that I dare say will never be equaled by any other college golf coach ever.

But Williams will not be remembered solely for his accomplishments on the golf course, no matter how impressive they may be. For all past and present Cougars that knew him, "Dave" (as he was known) will be looked back upon for his down home nature, gentleness and warmth that always preceded him. Williams had a smile on his face everywhere he went, always leaving with his patented phrase, "Youíre the greatest".

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