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WCW, nothing but WCW

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Ed De La Garza

Iíve received some minor flak for statements concerning my being an alleged "WWF mark". Apparently, some die-hard WCW fans take issue with my complaints about WCW storylines, Nitro at the Dome, pay-per-views and lack of respect for the fans.

It may surprise many of you to know this, but I am by no means a mark for the WWF. In fact, up until five months ago, I considered myself a mark for WCW. One of my friends, a true WWF mark, would keep telling me "WCW sucks" after each pay-per-view. I, however, would constantly bring up names like Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, Bret Hart and Jericho in defending the senior circuit.

All the stars are in WCW, right? The Wolfpac, the original D-X, is in WCW, right? True, but all the power does indeed lie in Hulk Hoganís hand, not to mention the rest of his guys.

Oh, but heís retired now. Things are going to change now that Nash is head booker, right? Wrong.

Hoganís coming back by mid-January. From all accounts, heís going to come back as a face, meaning Iíll be blinded by the old red and yellow color scheme for all of 1999. Teaming with Randy Savage, he will supposedly bring back the Mega Powers to feud with the Outsiders, who will have been reunited as heels by January. Whereís the logic in that?

Turning Hall and Nash into heels again isnít going to suddenly turn the cheers into boos. It happens with other wrestlers, but even when the Outsiders were total heels, they were "bad-ass heels." Weíve all heard of bad-ass heels before, havenít we? Remember the old Horsemen?

Regardless of whether heís a face or not, I will never cheer for Hogan. I didnít in the í80s, and I wonít do it now. Heíll still be a bad wrestler and heíll still have a monster ego. Heíll still take away other peopleís mic time and heíll still demand to hold the world title.

What makes this even more distressing is that WCW is finally getting good. Itís finally developing storylines that make sense. While the drunken Hall angle was tasteless, the Hall and Nash angle works. I want to see how they get back together. The Flair vs. Eric Bischoff angle works because itís real. Flair has a sincere dislike for Bischoff, a dislike bordering on hatred. Thatís why his interviews have me gearing up for their Starrcade match above all others.

Maybe, theyíll finally be able to start using Bret Hart the way heís supposed to be used. Heís a passable face, but give him the right opportunity and he can be a great heel. With two years left to go on his contract, heís sure to reign as WCW champion sometime between now and the end of 2001.

This Mondayís Horsemen angle had me marking out like a 10-year-old. It finally looks like itís turning around. It finally looks like I can be proud to say I like watching WCW, at times, even preferring it to the WWF. But then thereís Hogan.

If youíve read any of my columns in the past, you know how much I hate him. My mother raised me to say itís okay to dislike someone, but never say you hate another person. Hate the act, not the person. But she made an exception with Hogan.

I donít care if he comes out with sacks of grain for the Ethiopians. I donít care if he single-handedly brings down Saddam Hussein. I donít care if he comes to the ring with an American flag. If there were only two wrestlers left in the entire world and the other guy was Jay Leno, Iíd cheer for Leno.

Iím warning you right now. If the rumors of his inevitable return are true, you can kiss whatever objectivity I have goodbye.

Can Starrcade live up to the hype?

Now then, letís get to previewing Starrcade (Sunday, 7 p.m., PPV).

World Title Match: Goldberg (Champion) vs. Kevin Nash (challenger)

Nash has been demanding to win this thing. If heís forced to do the job, then he wants a few things from WCW. First, he wants the Outsiders to be reunited (itís looking likely, which doesnít bode well for Nashís chances of winning), more Wolfpac members and more mic time. Prediction: Nash

Ric Flair vs. Eric Bischoff

Oh, Iím salivating over this one. Whoo! Prediction: Uhh, Flair?

Scott Hall vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

This will be another Outsider teaser, leading to the world title bout. Prediction: Hall

Giant vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Giantís on his way to the WWF by mid-February. Look for yet another inspiring win for the working manís champion. Prediction: Geez ... DDP

TV Title Bout: Konnan (Champion) vs. Jericho

Jericho is yet another WCW guy unhappy with his situation. Theyíd better treat him well, because he, along with Benoit and others, are the future. Iím Ďbout it, Ďbout it and rowdy, rowdy, but Jerichoís my paragon of virtue. Prediction: Jericho

Cruiserweight Title Triple Threat Match: Kidman (Champion) vs. Rey Mysterio (challeger) vs. Juventud Guerrera (challenger)

This is another reason I canít swear off WCW. This should be one of the highlight matches. Prediction: Are you nuts? Iím not picking this one.

Saturn vs. Ernest Miller

I honestly donít care in the least bit about this one. Prediction: Saturn

Last item: I promised Iíd do this a long time ago. One of my loyal readers, Nicholas Mundy, has a wrestling web page. At, you can find "Action Figure Theater" in which Nicholas has various action figures acting out pay-per-view matches. Iíll talk to you in two weeks.

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