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Volume 2, Issue 4                                    University of Houston

Dartmouth committee recommends Greek changes

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A Dartmouth College committee asked to introduce changes that would decrease the emphasis on social fraternities and sororities on campus released a report Monday with proposals seeking to, in Dartmouth President James Wright's words, end the Greek system "as we know it."

Among the committee's recommendations are drastic changes in the Greek residential system, stringent regulations on alcohol use and an emphasis on academic performance.

"This ... is desirable in order to eliminate the historical dominance by the (Greek) organizations of Dartmouth social life," the committee said. "The selective social organizations of the future will constitute a very different, higher quality but secondary component of the overall Dartmouth social system."

Under the committee's proposals, housing in a Greek building would not be allowed during the summer, and would be limited to seniors and junior officers during the academic year. It also suggests that, without substantial changes, Greek properties "should probably not be residential over the long term."

Houses that fail to meet the requirements would most likely be purchased by Dartmouth and converted into general coed senior housing facilities.

Fraternity and sorority rush would be moved to the fall semester of students' sophomore year and would feature an extended pledge period and clearer definitions of hazing and penalties for hazing violations.

The committee report also addressed concerns with alcohol violations by recommending more strict alcohol policies. Houses would be required to submit detailed records of alcohol purchases to the college to end "off-the-books" purchases, and parties would have to be served by non-student bartenders.

Academic measures, such as Thursday morning exams and more demanding course requirements, were also suggested to curb midweek drinking.

Also, the campuswide fraternity and sorority judicial system would be eliminated, and violations of policy would be considered by a Dartmouth judicial board. Greek chapters would also be required to include among their members sexual and alcohol peer advisers and individuals devoted to diversity and leadership training.

The system would be subject to complete review in 2005, with the administrative option of recommending the removal of the entire Greek system if it fails to meet the new requirements.

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