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Volume 2, Issue 4                                    University of Houston

Goudie may have that 'edge'

By Christine McCreary
Staff writer

After attending so many concerts and watching so many local bands perform, it's becoming difficult to find a band that has something different to offer -- a band that stands out both for its musical skill and sound as well as performance, image and attitude. Basically, it's hard to find a band with an edge.

Friday night, the band Goudie had that edge as they played with local bands, FEEL and Secret Sunday at the SideCar Pub.

The dimly lit SideCar Pub, located in Northwest Houston, was completely packed and flooded with European ambience. It was difficult to find a table to sit at as the crowd, composed of fans 20 years old to 40-plus, poured in.

The opening act FEEL, took the stage shortly after 9 p.m., beginning the introduction to its first song with a Middle Eastern vibe. The drums, keyboard, guitar, bass and tambourine created a rhythmical snake-charmer like pattern.

Barefoot, clad in baggy pants and a casual T-shirt and with a voice and style similar to that of Live's Chad Taylor, lead singer of FEEL Alexander Lagos appeared to be completely consumed by the music as he moved his body in uninhibited expression.

At points throughout FEEL's set, which included its noteworthy track "Greyface," Lagos jumped onto the balcony railing, performing a balancing act as he teetered and swayed high above the audience.

Goudie's lead singer mesmerizes the audience with his Kurt Cobain-esque voice.

Christine McCreary/Breaking News

The drama and theatrics of FEEL's set reached their climax when Lagos climbed down off the stage and walked into the crowd in the middle of a song.

Secret Sunday, Houston Press Music Award winners, followed with a hard rock sound breaking the peaceful Zen-like spell FEEL had cast on the audience.

Many have compared the band to influential role models such as Radiohead, but Secret Sunday's sound is really much more abrasive.

Secret Sunday's set flowed smoothly as it played older songs as well as a few tracks off its latest CD, Television until the band began experiencing deafening feedback.

"Can anybody hear? I can't," shouted lead vocalist, Chris Hungate.

With everything apparently under control, Hungate resumed singing and playing the guitar. All in all, Secret Sunday's 35-minute set was pretty decent despite technical setbacks.

With the feedback persisting on and off throughout the rest of the evening, Goudie's set was delayed for quite a while.

Eventually, Goudie took the stage slightly after midnight, quickly demonstrating that the audience's wait had been well worthwhile.

Goudie's four-member band, comprised of lead-vocalist/guitarist, backing vocalist/bassist, guitarist and drummer, synchronized extremely well.

As Goudie performed "Julia," a striking parallel could have been drawn between the graceful pose and voice of Goudie's greasy-haired, rail-thin lead singer and that of the late Kurt Cobain.

Although Goudie's sound is not grunge, there is definitely a grunge influence.

The band has a rugged look and feel that is very appealing, while the music is easily accessible with its emotional lyrics and power-driven electric guitar chords.

We will be seeing more of this band in the future. They seem to have an edge that will sustain them -- keeping them afloat of all the competition.

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