by D. McAdams

Daily Cougar Staff

Some people have that indescribeable, innocuous quality of "it," that certain something that sets them apart from everyone else in their field.

Take Henry Rollins' fury or Zach de la Rocha's rage or Jello Biafra's anger, each unique in their own respect. Or think back to the first time you met your significant other. I think about when I first heard Mudhoney's "In And Out of Grace." I thought to myself, "These guys are awesome." Mudhoney had that certain "something" that put the group heads and shoulders above the rest.

That was the very same feeling I had when I first heard Maggie Estep's <I>No More Mister Nice Girl.<P> Estep is the living embodiment of the 'I'm a pissed off post-feminist female New Yorker in control of my destiny and my sexuality and your gonna here about it on my terms' spirit. Simply put, <I>Nice Girl<P> is one of the wittiest works I've heard to date. And the music's not bad either.

Estep is backed by her very competent band, I Love Everybody, comprised of Stephen Dansiger on drums, Julia Murphy on bass and Pat Place handling the six string duties.

When one pops in the CD and listens to about six songs, visions of King Missile dance in his head. Without taking anything away from Estep, undoubtedly original in her own particular style and prose (song style, Estep's band seems very much like a female version of King Missile. )

There is one important difference between the two bands though, King Missile is completely nonsensical, whereas Estep has an axe to grind and things to say. As Estep proclaims in "I'm Not a Normal Girl": "I'm an angry, sweaty girl!" Examine Estep's profound "Fuck Me!" "Fuck Me," she rants, "I'm tired of the gangster rappers getting all the publicity for killing people. <I>Fuck<P> killing people! Fuck me!"

Check out Estep's hilarious "The Stupid Jerk I'm Obsessed With." (John S. Hall, Estep's former roommate, influence really shines through on this one) Estep was on last years MTV spoken W-U-R-D (how corporate) college tour, and many female college students adopted Estep as their own personal hero. One can easily see why this was the case, Estep is a voice whose time has definitely come.

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