John Doe makes music in Georgia

by Dave Sarles

Daily Cougar Staff

Actor John Doe, who plays Bobby in the film Georgia (which recently received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for Mare Winningham), said the production was a family affair.

"Because Jennifer Jason Leigh had a vested interest in the project, it was small-budget, and I took less money. But this also made for a positive kind of environment (in the production), and therefore yielded better performances," Doe said. The film is co-produced by Leigh and her mother, Barbara Turner, who also wrote the screenplay.

Doe, who has been the frontman for the band X since 1977, believed in the project and praised the musical ability of Leigh, who plays the dysfunctional Sadie, and Winningham, who plays Georgia, the title character.

"Steve Soles, the music director, allowed it to be way naked, and that shows up on screen," Doe said. There is rawness in all of the musical performances in the movie.

Doe has had plenty of acting experience leading up to his role in Georgia. He has been in the films Salvador, Great Balls of Fire, the Patrick Swayze film Roadhouse and Roadside Prophets, among others. Many of his roles have involved his musical roots.

"Jennifer knows who X is, and she had the first John Doe record. She came to see an acoustic show I did," Doe said. He was Leigh's first choice for the role of Bobby.

Doe has had no conflict between his music and acting. He loves doing both. He said that after working with veteran character actor Harry Dean Stanton, it made him decide to take some acting courses and look at acting more seriously. He is currently recording with X and will be in an upcoming film titled Scorpion Springs.

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