Celebrate with 22 Brides

by Brian Dear

Daily Cougar Staff

The Indigo Girls on Acid ...with a pink Les Paul.

Alternative rock quartet 22 Brides singes traditionalist rock with a thoughtful conglomeration of Juliana Hatfieldish lightness, fuzzy guitars and reverberating vocals.

Opening tonight for Houston's Atticus Finch, ZZ Brides should steal the show with their provocative, rough-edged smoothness and caffeinated sound. The only regret is the unfortunate pairing with Atticus Finch -- a Pearl Jam wannabe of cookie-cutter guitarists and Silverchairian vocals.

New York-based 22 Brides should provide welcome release from the monotonous drone of most local bands.

Its latest album, Beaker, holds some soul that the radio has yet to discover. "House of Fire" is a great, racy highway song. The entire album spits out an impressive blend of guitars, lyrics and interesting uses of overdriven bass.

The package of 22 Brides delivers a meaningful punch to the musical guts. The performance at Fitzgerald's will please for two reasons: No waiting for a bad opener to finish (they are the opener), and the headliner isn't worth the time, making it possible to go check out Beat Temple at the Fabulous Satellite Lounge.

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