Protect our precious resources

Something is drastically wrong in our society. For the last few months, I've heard news accounts of child abuse in Texas with the most bizarre stories coming from the Houston area. The aggression and violence against young girls frightens me as I am the parent of a 2-year-old girl.

Adela Garcia made national headlines when it was believed she was 10 years old and pregnant. Although some were relieved when it was discovered that she was really 14, I remained sickened at the thought of a 22-year-old man having sexual relations with a child.

At 14 years of age, she is still a child no matter how mature she looks or acts. Her boyfriend feels that he has done nothing wrong. He claims that he loves her and that in Mexico their relationship would not have been attacked. Although there is a cultural conflict present, statutory rape is universal as far as I'm concerned.

Sadly, there are scores of Adelas out there. They just don't make the 5 p.m. news.

Another tragic example of child neglect is evident in the recent shootings of two teen-agers from LaPorte. The girls, ages 14 and 15, were found in a field, shot in the head. Both girls were allegedly prostitutes who frequented nightclubs and stripped part time. Their last night together was spent in a $10, 2-hour hotel that would make your skin crawl.

A spokesperson for Child Protective Services said that the agency was familiar with the two girls and that they led troubled lives. How many children must die before CPS steps in and takes action?

Imagine this: Your grandfather is also your father. One 12-year-old Houston girl is living this nightmare. And now she is 20 weeks pregnant by this monster. I know this sounds like a wet dream for Jerry Springer, but this is real life. What worries me is that this man worked as a school bus driver. If he allegedly assaulted his own daughter and granddaughter, what makes you think that your children are safe around him?

Let's not forget about the 9-year-old girl who was abducted and found several days later naked in a ditch. Ironically, this Arlington girl was recently featured on a series about welfare families trying to break the cycle. Out of the system and into a coffin. Not a good alternative.

And finally, the sweet little face of 7-year-old Nicole Benton should serve as a poster child for murdered children. This is the little girl who was left unattended when she was lured by a neighbor who strangled her and then had sex with her dead body. While her body lay in his attic, he joined a search party, pretending to look for her. He recently received the death penalty. And you thought justice was going downhill after O.J.

People who abuse, neglect, rape or murder children are sick. What is even sicker is a society that turns the other cheek when it comes to protecting our young. It is everyone's duty to fight for our children. I would sleep better at night knowing I have done all I can to protect our most valuable resource -- our children.

Crystal Brown is a senior RTV major who believes in an eye for an eye.

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