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Volume 61 Issue 104 Thursday, February 29, 1996
News & Features

Professor works and sings to improve community
    by Janet Steele

Home may not be so sweet for caged cougar
    by Amy Davis

Cougar champs outsmart opponents in academic contest
    by Anoukin Mooshabad

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    Only qualified persons need apply

Protect our precious resources
    By Crystal Brown

Free CUba from all oppression
    By Chris Pena

Children aren't born with racism -- they learn it
    By Frank Rossi






Lifestyle & Entertainment

International office offers great Gaines for students
    by Chris Pena

Visit Beijing for a cultural exchange
    by Laura Martz

Movie Reviews - 4 Flicks
    by Dave Sarles

Play Review - Suicide in B Flat
    by I.R. Rebelo

Celebrate with 22 Brides
    by Brian Dear

High School sudents send video postcards
    by Yvonne Dawson

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