Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 106 Monday, March 4, 1996
News & Features

Surprise! Cardiac Coogs rally again
    by Adam Burns

Veterans' Services close to getting 54% SFAC raise
    by Robert Schoenberger

SA officers on a mission to 'rock' students' votes
    by Liz Carter

Cougar Party alleges it's now getting raw deal
    by Liz Carter

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    Speak out now, or it will cost you

Let's get this race on the road
    By Russell Contreras

Are you pulling my chain?
    By Leonard Cachola

Don't forget to remember your own basic needs
    By Maya Waldman




Lady Coogs fall again as UT claims title
    by Jesse Coleman

UH blows, rallies by Michigan
    by Andrew Ferraro

Houston netters fal 6-3 at Utah
    by Cougar Sports Services


Lifestyle & Entertainment

Architecture students, UH Habitat help build homes for the needy
    by Jennifer Ruisaard

Spring Break on the WWWeb!
    by College Press Service

Movie Review - French Twist
    by Juanita Banda & Tommie Espinosa

Atticus Finch ready to leave 'em Bruised
    by Bryan Contreras

Concert Review - Pansy Division
    by Tom Jackson

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