Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 108 Wednesday, March 6, 1996
News & Features

Provost: E. Cullen 'asleep at the switch'
    by Liz Carter

Coalition Party campaign manager speaks up on being 'down-to-earth'
    by Liz Carter

Hearing Board dismisses forgery by Change as 'blissful'
    by Liz Carter

UH students prove to be good neighbors at clinic
    by Amy Davis

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    Students aren't worth Jack at UH

Black history month gets lame, tiny month with little impact
    By Erika Schiche

Georgia seems to lack 'Keyes' to democracy
    By Brian Keith Giovannini

Racism worse when it sneers at you on the street
    By Nhan Trong Nguyen




Cougars send Michigan packing
    by Andrew Ferraro

U.S. volleyball team ends series strong
    by Brian Dear


Lifestyle & Entertainment

UH prof says presidential race rests in voters' wallets
    by Todd Pringe

Students caught in college-loan web as rising debts affect life after school
    by Marco Buscaglia

Movie Review - Up Close and Personal
    by Dave Sarles

Play with Dangerous Toys
    by Robert Schoenberger

Play Review - Godspell
    by I. R. Rebelo

Concert Line !
    by Cougar Entertainment Service

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