Spring Break is finally here! DPS offers tips for safe trips

Cougar news services

The Texas Department of Public Safety urges Spring Break college students to drive safely and sober as they travel Texas' highways.

DPS officials said troopers will be on the lookout for underage drinkers, people who are driving while intoxicated, intoxicated pedestrians, and people not wearing their seat belts.

The DPS offers a toll-free number for stranded motorists who need a tow truck or a ride to the nearest garage. If you call 1-800-525-5000, a police officer will be sent to your location to offer assistance.

In emergency situations, call 911. When calling either number, try to pinpoint your location by noting mile markers or cross streets.

The DPS said the best way to avoid automotive problems is to make sure vehicles are in good running order before beginning a trip. If your car breaks down, leave the emergency lights on, stay with the vehicle, and if you have a cellular phone, use it to call the DPS.

DPS officials strongly advise stranded motorists not to accept rides from strangers, but to ask them to help contact authorities.

The DPS also recommends driving with headlights turned on during daylight hours to be more visible to other motorists and pedestrians.

Above all, the DPS advises Spring Breakers to be sure they are not only sober, but also fully rested before getting behind the wheel of any vehicle.

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