Five minutes of intense thinking is quite enough

by Ruben Borjas Jr.

Influential Americans are now endorsing the candidate they believe can best lead the country into the 21st century. That's why I'm endorsing William Jefferson Clinton.

President Clinton displayed brave leadership in trying to socialize the health care industry. So what if, Rep. Henry Waxman of Whitewater fame said it was a ploy to take over one-seventh of the nation's economy and place it under government control.

Clinton came through on his promise of having the most ethical administration in history. So what if half the cabinet is under investigation for wrongdoing. So what if Henry Cisneros had an affair. So what if Ron Brown is selling out to the Vietnamese. So what if the media keep the administration's character under wraps.

The president's leadership as commander in chief has been outstanding. So what if he didn't send armor to Somalia when his ground commanders called for it. So what if brave Americans died in vain in Somalia, and if America came home with its tail between its legs from a country that doesn't have an organized government.

Clinton's bravery, exhibited in his three-hour trip to Bosnia, gave the country a boost, since a sniper could have picked him off. So what if he comforted America's enemy and avoided service during Vietnam. So what if in a letter to his ROTC colonel he wrote, "I loathe the military." So what if he sent troops to Bosnia to be in harm's way for political gain.

In his last State of the Union speech, Clinton said, "The era of big government is over." And he said he's for reducing the government as much as possible. So what if he instituted the largest tax increase on all Americans, including senior citizens. So what if he's liberal and is a big spender with the taxpayers money. So what if he's flat-out lying to the America, and so what if he contradicted himself in the same speech. So what?

The president's stance against school choice is appealing. So what if he sends his daughter Chelsea to the exclusive Sidwell Friends School, which means the Clintons get school choice. So what if he wants your kids to go to the same old schools, entering the free lunch program so more wasted money can go to help some bureaucrat and not the kids.

Clinton supports and wants a balanced budget. So what if he vetoed every one sent to him. So what if he's responsible for the government shutdown because he signs the budget. So what if he plays on America's sympathy to make himself look like the victim.

President Clinton's support of family values brought his campaign to the top. So what if he trashed family values at the 1992 Democratic Convention. So what if Jennifer Flowers claims she had an affair with him.

That's why I'm supporting Bob Dole for President. Yeah, I know -- I said I would support Clinton. But I was five minutes younger then, and you can't hold things I said when I was younger against me (according to Clinton).

So what?

Borjas is a sophomore computer engineering major.

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