Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 111 Monday, March 18, 1996

News & Features

John Moore wins SA presidency
    by Cougar news Services

Election results posted
    by Cougar News Services

UH-Downtown reps express disapproval with single-CEO leadership proposal for System
    by Bobby Summers

Staff workers question data used to limit pay raises
    by James Geluso

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    It's time to break this pocket-picking pattern

Dagnab those wily bigwigs
    By Russell Contreras

Tale of the hit-and-run heroes
    By Leonard Cachola

Undergrad programs, not athletics, need attention
    By Jack Jusino




Cougars pitch last
    by Andrew Ferraro

UH raided in Dallas; Tech wins in 2nd round
    by Chris Pena

UH wins 3 events at LSU
    by Cougar Sports Services


Lifestyle & Entertainment

George Burns provided audiences with a century of laughter
    by Lisa Chmiola

Musical Review - The Music Man
    by Scott Moore

Oscar Watch - supporting actresses leave everyone guessing
    by Eric James

Concert Preview - Ruby
    by Joey Guerra

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