UH staff member battling cancer needs financial help for treatments

by Brandt Parker

News Reporter

A University of Houston staff member is suffering from lymphatic cancer and is currently receiving treatments. However, these treatments may not be able to continue unless he receives some financial help.

Eric Hatter, 32, a senior computer operator who has worked at UH since 1985, was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer a month ago. He is now on medical leave and receives chemotherapy once a week to combat the disease.

"We're all hoping that he will recover and be able to come back," said Debbie Hurts, a secretary with Central Computing Services. "They hope to be able to tell by May if the chemotherapy is working."

In order for Hatter's treatments to continue, he needs some financial help from friends and family. His disability insurance does not take effect until the end of April, so many donations before then would be greatly appreciated, Hurts said.

"It is a good cause, and your donation will help someone in need," she said.

Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Central Computing Services will hold a free car wash near Entrance 17, in Lot 17B, where visitors may make donations for Hatter's cause. The Computing Center is located at the north end of campus, just off Elgin, between Cullen and Calhoun streets. For more information, call Debbie Hurts at 743-1535.

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