Frankly, no one gives a damn -- not even SA

by Brian Keith Giovannini

The south end of Robertson Stadium has been reduced to a post-apocalyptic heap of rubble.

Similarly, our Students' Association is merely a hollow shell devoid of responsible student leadership.

This is exactly what our student body deserves, though. With a majority of students being apolitical, or at least apathetic toward campus politics, it is hardly surprising that the election resulted in a decisive victory for the Cougar Party.

Supposedly, candidates for election should be responsible. However, in an all-out effort to get its members elected, the Cougar Party decided to deface the sidewalks of this campus with their propaganda. The elections have long since past, but the inane messages in chalk remain.

Responsibility. The handbills and postings of the Cougar Party remain affixed throughout campus, extolling us to vote for its blend of rsum-stuffers. Some fliers are illegally affixed; most expired on March 6. Don't hold your breath waiting for our candidates-elect to clean up their litter, though.

These responsible young men and women include such persons as the spineless Jennifer Zuber, who didn't have the courage to tell Jack Ivancevich he had run over his time limit -- his 15 minutes of allotted time quickly degenerated into a 70-minute extended ramble. This is the same Jennifer Zuber who ran for the Law No. 1 seat despite knowing she will not be around to complete her one-year term next fall. Apparently, her mandate is to allow the Cougar Party-dominated SA to appoint someone of its liking to occupy the position she will leave vacant.

Before criticizing the Cougar Party too harshly, though, one should consider the alternative. The incompetence of the Coalition Party became overly apparent when its unopposed candidate for the Graduate School of Social Work slot didn't receive any votes, leaving the position empty. Although Andrew Fry claims he did vote for himself, the fate of his appeal remains undecided still.

As students, we need not worry too greatly about our SA senators. It is doubtful that these elections will have any real impact on campus policies.

Besides, UH students are mostly commuters who have little real interest in the affairs of this university. After all, the opportunity cost of lost time invested in voting far outweighs the benefits derived from one vote for a young politician.

Does it matter to UH students that the very same Cougar Party they elected was recently found to have committed egregious campaign violations? Not likely.

And, frankly, it doesn't matter to me, either. Hopefully, I'll be graduating this May and won't have to deal with another year of SA incompetence.

Giovannini is a senior Italian

studies major.

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