Field house, Cougar Cage to go

by James V. Geluso

Daily Cougar Senior Staff

Where there was once a large, ugly box of glass and concrete, there is now a pile of rubble. Jeppesen Field House is no more. The demolition of the building has been planned for years as part of the package of construction and renovation that included the Athletic/Alumni Center.

"That building was an eyesore and a health hazard," said UH Spokeswoman Fran Howell. "The roof was caving in all over, and it was just awful."

For future football games played at Robertson Stadium, UH players will change in the Athletic/Alumni Center, while visiting teams will change in an area under the stadium that is yet to be renovated, Howell said. Outside groups planning to use the stadium would have to make separate arrangements, she said.

Jeppesen is not the only structure on campus to say goodbye this week. The Cougar Cage is scheduled for demolition as well. Howell said that the demolition will have no effect on the ongoing debate over a live mascot.

"People may say, `Oh, look at the timing,' but that's no place we would put a live cougar anyway," she said.

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