Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 114 Thursday, March 21, 1996

News & Features

UH administrators look to the future
    by James Geluso

New drugs fight HIV; virus levels 'undetectable'
    by Al Greenwood

Hispanic literature collection grows at UH
    by Amy Davis

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    Play it again, Sam ... and again, and again

America should invest more in its children
    By Chris Pena

No room for racism in the classroom
    By Crystal Brown

Simon says: Let the man sit down already
    By Frank Rossi

On-Line Forum



UH hurdler hopes to jump to more success
    by Jesse Coleman

Cougar tennis sensation Luciane Kelbert talks shop
    by Anoukin Mooshabad

UH swimmer to go to NCAAs
    by Anoukin Mooshabad


Lifestyle & Entertainment

Senate ends with roar and whimper
    by Liz Carter

A little corner of Greece dances to Houston
    by Cougar News Services

Oscar Watch - Best Actor
    by Eric James

Record Review - Mandy Barnett
    by Scott Moore

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