Today's Issue
Volume 61 Issue 119 Thursday, March 28, 1996

News & Features

Scholar Enrichment Program fosters success
    by Amy Davis

Staggs settles lawsuit for $650,000
    by Robert Schoenberger

UH engineers bring home top honors
    by Cougar News Services

Event Line


Editorial & Opinion


    Don't fear the 'chancident'

Deserving films Oscar forgot
    By Crystal Brown

Ah, male bonding at its best
    By Chris Pena

The Policy of Truth: Rules and standards may vary
    By Frank Rossi

On-Line Forum


Aeros bring another choice for sports fans
    by Andrew Ferraro

Cougars know baseball
    by Jana Jones


Lifestyle & Entertainment

Colleges crack down on drug users
    by Colleg Press Service

Movie Review - Girl 6
    by Juanita Banda

Concert Preview - Sunflower
    by Lisa Mahfouz

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