My so-called life

To the editor:

Get a life. That's what the gray-box editorial ("An open letter to Patrick Lalor," March 26) suggested that I do.

"Get a life" is a colloquial expression which is very popular these days. It's from the Latin, childishnus maximus, meaning: Stop picking on me, and don't hold me accountable for my actions.

For the author of "Open letter," and anyone else who still thinks this is one guy picking on those poor, misunderstood students who just want to help me out, let me put forth a few issues that are germane:

1. Contrary to popular shortsightedness, this is NOT about AN election. It's about a system that is corrupt, fraudulent and unable to correct itself. Moreover, it is a system which annually uses $93,000 of student and taxpayer money to sustain itself.

2. The election was merely the catalyst (oops, sorry, big word - for the "get a life" crowd, it means something which causes another thing to occur) for a much larger problem to come to the surface: The closed system by which certain students are allowed to utilize other students' fees for their own purposes, including to pay salaries for the SA president, vice president and others.

3. Did anyone else notice the fact that, despite the cries of "get a life," there hasn't been a single denial of the specific charges by any of the parties involved? I guess photographs, affidavits and witnesses are kind of hard to deny. So, all you're left with hoping is that I'll "get over it and get a life."

4. This is not about me being president. To remove any doubt, if this election were overturned with appropriate sanctions to legitimize the system, I WOULD NOT run for SA president.

You see, I was taught that responsibility, accountability, honesty, belief and pride are more than just words. They make a statement about who you are as a person.

When you have those things, and they truly have meaning, you don't need to "get a life." You already have one.

Patrick Lalor

senior, speech communication


To the editor:

Chris Danielson should be shot in the face with doodoo for his historical ignorance, failure to provide documentation and verbal and mental assault against the Afrikans of Phoenicia, Kemet (Egypt) and across the diaspora of the modern world.

Being the Afrikan I am, I cannot stand by and allow such dishonesty to carry on. There would be no European history without Afrikan history. In fact, Afrikan moors ruled Spain for 711 years, which is longer than the time period Europe has had his hands around the neck of the so-called minorities for the last 200 years.

The Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca was a black man, born in 262 B.C., whose Afrikan features can be viewed on the coins of Carthage during his conquest on Northern Italy.

Danielson cannot possibly be so ignorant to state that race is based on language. I speak English and I know that I'm not white. The Arabs and Israelites that are on the continent of Akebu-lan (Afrika) today were Afrikan people with Afrikan features. I can show pictures so you will not have to continue creating your own images.

Alexander of Macedonia and his partners in crime Aristotle, Ptolemy and countless other Greeks and Romans, were crackers - thieves who raped Afrikans of their history and culture. The same Afrikan people who tried to teach your barbarian ancestors are trying to mentally destroy.

Danielson also claims Auset (Isis) was not an Afrikan woman. Well, I have pictures of this beautiful sister with her child Heru (Horus) and the documents of white scholars as well. In fact, all throughout Europe, white people were, and in some places still are, worshipping Auset and Heru, the original Madonna and the child.

Danielson has not only disrespected us and our Afrikan ancestors, he has done a major disservice to anyone else who may be intelligent without thinking for themselves.

People, read and study for yourself! For more information on the aforementioned, read the works of Yosef Ben-Jochannon, Martin Bernel, George G.M. James, Herotodus, Gerald Massey and Cheikh Anta Diop.

Chris Danielson, call me at 743-5195 so we can set up an open forum or debate if you care to defend yourself in public. In the meantime, go scrape the doodoo off your face while you read and study.

Afrikan people, the time is now to wake up and get organized to mobilize.


Mosheh Arif Saba Adamu

junior, anthropology

vice president of Pan-Afrikan People for Progressive Action

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