Industrial music and its many forms hit Houston

by Robert Schoenberger

Daily Cougar Senior Staff

Get out your black shirts and combat boots. Count `em: three hard-driving industrial bands: Numb, Die Krupps and Front Line Assembly will be assaulting the ears of Houston listeners at Millennium Thursday night.

Numb is the closest of the three to "classic" industrial. Its guitars and sound effects are equally mixed over heavily distorted vocals. The band is touring to promote its album, Wasted Sky.

The album is definitely worth picking up, especially if you like Ministry or KMFDM. The title track and "Driven" are two of its highlights. Good, solid mosh-pit pleasers fill this album.

When Numb steps down, expect a radical change. Die Krupps' sound has been cited by bands like Metallica as an influence, and it shows.

Die Krupps' latest album, Odyssey of the Mind III, hits hard and fast with loud, heavy guitars, and heavy metal vocals with background fuzz sound effects.

This is definitely a guitar-first, sound effects-second band. Songs like "LCD" and "Eggshell" show why this band's label hopes it may be the big crossover between industrial and metal fans.

If techno-industrial is your favorite, wait for the headline band, Front Line Assembly, which has been pushing the envelope of industrial for years. Like Ministry, both of its members spend as much, if not more, time on side projects as they do with the band.

Hard Wired has been out since last year, and the album shows a return to the heavy computer techno feel of this band, whose last outing was much more guitar-driven.

This show will be probably the best showcase for underground industrial in a long time. Don't miss it. Millennium is at 2654 FM 1960. Call for more information at 443-8878.

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