Energetic sounds of Bush whip fans into frenzy

by Brian Dear

Daily Cougar Staff

Interscope recording artists Bush reached into the souls of a sold-out Summit crowd Sunday.

Opening the set with "Machinehead," Gavin Rossdale coaxed a passionate response from the crowd. When the lights came up and the first riff of the song commenced, the frenzy began.

For those not familiar with mosh-pit dynamics, crowded shows have so many people in the pit that the mass becomes a pulsating swarm of bodies with everyone attempting to move to the front.

The crowd barriers protect the stage from the people, but the people are left to fight for position against the unyielding steel. The concert left many dehydrated or faint, but the injuries were minimal.

After the barrage of Mesa-driven guitar, Rossdale and the rest of the band settled into a high-paced rhythm of Sixteen Stone album cuts. Frequently, Rossdale climbed onto the speaker cabinets and saluted the fans. After the show, Rossdale expressed his gratification for the loyal support in Houston.

"It's so unbelievable that we sold this place out. The fans in Houston were tremendous; I just hope that no one finds out how easy it is," Rossdale said.

Bush uses simple power-chord voicings with the added element of textural layering provided by its talented guitarist, Nigel Pulsford. He doubles Rossdale's chords with single-note arpeggios and often doubles the guitar notes, playing an octave higher to add depth.

Bush surprised the audience with a few new additions to their song repertoire. The new stuff has Sixteen Stone energy, but seemingly more upbeat -- lighter shade of dark. The new album promises to contain a much similar tone, according to the band.

"We are due to start work on it (the new album) June 1. For six months, no one is going to hear anything from us, then bam -- we'll flood the airwaves," Gavin excitedly explained following the successful Summit gig.

Bush has a trademark encore. "Glycerine," performed solo by Rossdale, is a staple of its shows, from their early Urban Art Bar days to Saturday Night Live performances. They pulled a hat-trick encore Sunday, though. Opening with the standard, mind-blowing solo "Glycerine," Bush surprised the crowd with a new song. Gavin led the crowd into thinking he had another solo, but then the rest of the band sneaked onstage in the dark. Suddenly, the band jumped onstage and Bush pushed beyond the mellow grungish sound of Pearl Jam and got the crowd high on the sandblasting guitars and aphrodisiacal lyrics.

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